Official Toponymy of Navarre

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Simple search

The simple search makes queries on the toponymy database with two criteria: the municipality where the toponyms are located and a character pattern included in the toponym. To make a query, at least one of these two criteria must be specified. Next figure shows the form for this modality of search.

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Advanced search

The advanced search includes new criteria for the querys. Including them is optional, but at least on of the simple search criteria must be specified. Next figure shows the form for advanced search.

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These windows are opened when attempting to assign a value to an advanced search criterion. The available values for the criterion are ordered hierarchically in a tree.

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Table of results

The result of the querys is displayed on the tables, showing all the variants of the toponyms that meet the required criteria.

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Major Toponimy

Major toponyms are classified hierarchically in municipalities, councils, collective entities and individual entities. The major toponymy search form lets you query for any of them, filtering the query specifying the complete or incomplete name of the toponym or of its hierarchical superiors.

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Data card

When selecting a toponym from the table of results its data card is displayed, showing all available information to the user.

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